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Basic Differences in Marijuana Strains

You shall find cannabis in three main strains. You shall hear of so many other strains, which can confuse you a lot. But to make it easier to understand, it all comes down to these three strains; indica, sativa, and hybrid.

The combination of the spreading info about Classic Shareable Cannabis, as well as the continuing legalization process, shows us that we can now understand more about this product we love to smoke. When it was not legal, you had to use what you managed to get. But with the presence of licensed dispensaries online and locally, you get to choose what you need. Once you understand more about it, you can make the right decision. Getting the specific reaction you need shall not be hard for you. Gone will be the days when you used to take a guess as to the reaction you will get after smoking marijuana. Here is more info about those strains you need to know.

Indica strains, as the name suggests, are derived from the indica plant at, which is from the Hindu Kush section of the Himalayas. You will see them with short and stout frames and broad leaves. They have high THC levels, which increases their potency. They can also have high CBD content. When you smoke it, you will feel lethargic and relaxed. It works best for cases of chronic pain, anxiety, muscle spasm, or nausea. This is best taken at night.

Sativa, on the other hand, is tall and lanky. It shall also achieve harvesting levels much later. You should take it in the day, as you shall get a head high. You shall find that you are more alert, creative and focused, highly energized and motivated, and less anxious and depressed.

Hybrid trains, just as the name suggests, are a combination of the two. These strains are made so that you can have the best of both strain in one. Where one strain is more than the other, you shall see more qualities of that strain present.

You shall come looking for marijuana when you need to attain a given state of mind. At the same time, you find that a given strain makes you react in specific ways another person cannot. Hybrids, for example, shall produce milder reactions of what you would experience with either strain. This is why most people prefer to start experimenting with the hybrids before moving to either direction. Hybrids shall give you a more balanced effect, and shall be easier to tolerate by most beginners. This is thus the safer bet for a beginner. Find out some more facts about cannabis through

When you learn so much about cannabis, you can see that it is useful in so many other areas, apart from the stress and anxiety relief. You can count on different strains for different effects. This calls for you to understand better what you are buying before consuming it. There is more to it than a simple puff.

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